ext. courtyard. day

Two guys are sitting opposite each other at a small table. OLI, 18, is leaned forward doing his homework, eyes focused on his textbook. BRYDON, 18, is leaning back in his chair texting on his phone, eyes glazed.

Brydon yawns and surveys the scene. He looks at his lunch: an apple, a sandwich, and a bag of grapes. Brydon picks up a grape and eats it. He looks at Oli, who is still studying hard. He picks up another grape and flicks it at Oli, hitting him in the face. Oli looks up at Brydon, and delivers an icy stare. Brydon looks back as if nothing happened. Oli continues staring but then brushes it off, looking back down.

A second grape hits Oli’s face. Oli ignores it. A few seconds later another hits him in the eye. Angry, Oli immediately picks up a grape and throws it right at Brydon’s face. The two are frozen when they realize Brydon has caught it in his mouth. The two squeal in delight at how awesome it was.

Oli and Brydon look at the homework on the table and then at each other. Simultaneously, they both shove their books off the table with huge grins.

They both pick up a handful of grapes and begin throwing them into each others mouth, starting one by one, but then just throwing without any care for accuracy. Oli and Brydon are laughing and getting very physical, throwing and flinching from grapes. The two then start grabbing for the grapes left on the table, throwing them at each other. It turns into an all out grape food fight. Suddenly, the table runs out of grapes and Oli – in a rush of adrenaline – picks up an apple without looking, stands up and pelts it at Brydon’s head.

Panting heavily, Oli looks down at Brydon, who is now slumped over the table, still and unresponsive. Snapping back into reality, Oli realizes what he’s done and stands frozen, eyes wide. He pokes Brydon, who is still unresponsive. He looks around nervously and back at Brydon. Slowly, he starts to raise Brydon’s head off the table to place him back into his chair, but drops him upon seeing blood on his hands. Oli starts to panic more, wiping his hands on his shirt, which leaves a large stain.

Oli then places Brydon’s hands on the table beside his head and places a book in between. Still looking around anxiously, Oli then scrambles to get his belongings and leaves the scene.

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