The writing process is one of golden hopes and broken dreams. It’s the worst feeling when you realise at some point that you aren’t a world famous director with bottomless pockets and that a scene involving a thousand machetes and sexy kitten baristas probably won’t happen on your uni budget. 
I’m not saying that I had that specifically in mind (i did), but it’s always a bit of a dampener when you think about the limitations beset upon you, like locations, and available actors etc. You have to learn to compensate with the conditions given to you. Though I suppose the best writers are those that can use what they’re given and churn out a masterpiece.

Writing my second piece, I had to just think about what I thought was do-able. It’s an editing exercise after all, so I’m trying to minimise the number of props and keep it simple. I would have loved to utilze the amazing actors in our class, but it looks like ill be using two of my close friends instead. Risky and lazy, but you know what they say….


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