What a rush!

I had a very stressful-turned-delightful day on my second directorial shoot. Since 8am, everything was going down-hill: there was a long commute to the first shoot, my DoP broke her phone and it had started to rain. My stress levels were at an all time high. I’m always the most nervous the night before the shoot. I feel as though anything could, and probably will go wrong. I suppose it’s normal.


Luckily, everything was perfect. We nailed it all in two hours. My AMAZING crew was AMAZING and I couldn’t have achieved what I wanted without them.
Greta, my whip-smart 1st AD.
Claudia, the best DoP a guy can ask for.
Misha, all-knowing camera assistant and man of the year.
Jesse, continuity and acting extraordinaire.
Gillian, wonderful and graceful art department.
Chris, the ultimate production assistant and also man of the year.

Communication was perfect. I was fortunate enough to be able to supply everyone with what they needed on set: shot lists, storyboards and scripts etc. It helped the takes move much faster. I knew that I set my own limitations by keeping a cast member who had to leave set early, rather than re-casting. I feel like it certainly put me at a disadvantage, but it also made me much more prepared and more efficient in knowing exactly what I wanted in each shot. I had to work at a discipline, and I managed to stick with it.

I also realised I made a silly mistake in buying a few grey t-shirts…. which all looked different. This was so I could do the last shot with the fake blood several times. I failed however, to see that it completely contradicts continuity with the last 9 shots if I change the shirt.

Overall though, I had a wonderful time on my shoot. When we wrapped, the beautiful sun came out and life felt good. I had fully realised PSH (Post-Shoot High). I felt like I accomplished something that day.

I love being a director. But more importantly, I love having a great crew of friends that I can always depend on to be truly dedicated and amazing to work with.

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