I’m in the editing room, thinking about soundscapes for my second exercise. What better example of sound added in post-production is there than an animated film?
I decide to watch’ Paranorman’. I’ve been holding it off for far too long.
Five minutes in and I’ve already forgotten why I’m watching it in the first place. It is amazing. There is a beauty and warmth in this stunning stop-motion animation, and I can’t believe the lengths the animators went into crafting this wonderful world and its characters. The lighting. The way the fibres of the clothes move. The craziness of it all! The humour and beautiful ambivalence of the story.
This is the best animated feature I’ve seen probably since 2010 (How To Train Your Dragon/Toy Story 3).

I’m going to make a stop-motion film one day goddammit. Just try and stop me, universe.

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