Directed by Gareth Edwards

A film that unfortunately didn’t turn out quite as great as the sum of it’s parts. It had everything going for it in terms of a great cast, story and director – but overall the film suffered from an incredibly tepid screenplay. Granted, Godzilla in all it’s iterations has always been seen as a “B-movie”, but if you’re going to pour in $160 million dollars, you’d at least expect a bit more care in the dialogue. Some characters were downright idiotic: Bryan Cranston was the only one who managed to do something with the cringe-worthy dialogue he was given. The odd exchanges of conversation also left the pacing to drag to unbelievable amounts – it was almost like these people were oblivious to the fact that gigantic creatures were destroying their entire city. I appreciate that the filmmaker’s tried to make the film more focused on the humans than the monsters, but when the monsters end up more relatable, you have a serious problem.

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