Directed by Marc Webb

Spider-Man is back with aplomb. I must say, I was relatively hesitant in approach to this film, with Marvel’s current track record of underwhelming sequels. However, Marc Webb has brought his A-game, pushing above his superhero counterparts. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone continue being the most adorable people on the planet, and their scenes together warrant admission alone. I love Marc Webb’s ability to show a more relatable side to Spider-Man, but the action set-pieces still can’t quite match up to the strength of the comedy (something I found in the first film). It’s a fine line to tread, as Webb tried to bring both the heartfelt and the adrenaline, which resulted in a two-and-a-half-hour long film. It certainly was still a blast, but films always seem to feel less complete, when it’s to build towards a resulting trilogy.


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