Directed by Bennett Miller

Bennett Miller proves yet again that he’s one of the greatest working directors that has always remained under the radar (by choice). His patience as a filmmaker shines to the point of being fiercely aggressive as Foxcatcher highlights in its balance of restraint and tension. At it’s core, Foxcatcher is about the demons inside us, fuelled by the expectations we have of ourselves and the need for acceptance from the people we want it from the most. The incredibly physical performances from the lead actors and the control of the director bleeds into this hyperreal world where tragedy is set in stone from the opening frame. All you can do is witness the world slowly burn before your eyes.




Directed by Phil Lord & Christopher Miller

I remember really enjoying how self-aware 21 Jump Street was. It never took itself seriously and the film was better off. This time around, it felt as though there was almost no plot, and the film just kept getting stuck in “this is a sequel” mode, and I felt the film suffered because of it. It’s fine if you have hard-hitting jokes, but the plot was really half-baked and ended up making the film sloppy. I also have to state that I felt that the film itself looked quite ugly, especially in comparison to another recent comedy “Bad Neighbours”. Hill and Tatum still have great chemistry though, so it’s just unfortunate that although they had a bigger budget, the film ended up feeling cheaper than it’s predecessor.