Directed by Christopher Nolan

With Interstellar, Christopher Nolan once again delivers a cinematic experience like no other. A sprawlingly ambitious epic, Interstellar is a piece of work that evolves through its many acts, paying homage to the traditional filmmaking of a bygone era, whilst maintaining his signature tendency towards visual spectacle. The characters of his film didn’t quite get to evolve as much as everything else did, but finding faults really cannot diminish from the sheer ability and imagination of the director.



Directed by Jean-Marc Vallée

Dallas Buyer’s Club is probably most well-known for the powerhouse performance of Matthew McConaughey. Well the hype ain’t for nothin: he absolutely commits to the character, flesh and bone. The rest of the film however, doesn’t quite match his tempo – it suffers from flat supporting characters and plot turns and set pieces which are less than original. Still a very interesting story, but not quite Oscar-worthy in it’s execution.