Directed by Lenny Abrahamson

Frank is a very interesting film in an interesting way: on the exterior, it has an interesting storyline with interesting characters… yet the experience of watching said film is somewhat lacklustre. A great cast, and a great idea for a film…but the characters themselves were almost so bizarre and sour that they were unmemorable, if that even makes sense. The film had an outer-skin of weird, but take off the mask and unfortunately, its just Plain ol’ Ned. Does any of this make sense?



Directed by Bryan Singer

The cast for the X-Men films is filled with absolutely incredible actors, past and present. It’s just a shame that the script just wasn’t as strong as the cast was. The film, whilst strong in special effects and great set-pieces here and there, suffered from both a lack of momentum, and a satisfying resolution. It’s just a shame when an episode of Rick & Morty can be funnier, more cathartic and more complex in it’s logic than this film in less than thirty minutes.