into the wild…

large into the wild blu-ray2It’s been a great semester. Looking back, it’s almost terrifying how quickly it’s gone by. I’ve learned so much and it’s been a whirlwind of a time.

The last few months have birthed a treasure trove of precious experiences, which I’ve come to take away many lessons from.

First of all, I still have so much to learn in terms of the gear and their functions. This is mostly me being a bit apprehensive, never before working with such foreign objects. Hopefully I’ll be able to work on this, and get the most out them for my major shoot. Can never go wrong with a masterful tracking shot. Spike Lee, watch out.

Secondly, I know that having the right people in your crew can make or break your production. I’ve been blessed with having the perfect crew on both of my shoots, and I find it so comfortable working with them. I’m anxious about sourcing outside help on the next shoot, but I know that it’s a necessary next step. Hopefully I can pitch myself so well that actors, musicians and art directors alike will be clawing to work on my shoot.

This semester has also taught me something very special: I know for a damn fact that directing is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I have so much more to learn, but I want to dive in head first, and I can’t wait.

It’s only the beginning.

Trouble will find me.

Trouble will find me.

I love finding new music.
Sometimes it’s on purpose, most of the time completely by accident.

It’s like discovering a new colour.

New textures. New feelings. New ways of seeing. It can hit you like a brick.
I found myself reading reviews for the new album by The National, ‘Trouble Will Find Me’. I’ve never been a huge die-hard fan. Until now.
Something deep inside just clicks when I press play. There’s a sense of exploration. Bittersweet loss and longing. AMBIVALENCE (my new favourite word).
I feel like listening to this album almost matures me as a human being.

Music to me, goes hand in hand with film. Not to say that a film requires music to work: but a perfect album is filled with different tonalities, colours, emotions, rhythms, crescendos… Just like a perfect film should. It should make you move to a beat. Surprise you. Like this album surprised me.

A great short film should be in essence, a great pop song.

I should write that down.