Trouble will find me.

Trouble will find me.

I love finding new music.
Sometimes it’s on purpose, most of the time completely by accident.

It’s like discovering a new colour.

New textures. New feelings. New ways of seeing. It can hit you like a brick.
I found myself reading reviews for the new album by The National, ‘Trouble Will Find Me’. I’ve never been a huge die-hard fan. Until now.
Something deep inside just clicks when I press play. There’s a sense of exploration. Bittersweet loss and longing. AMBIVALENCE (my new favourite word).
I feel like listening to this album almost matures me as a human being.

Music to me, goes hand in hand with film. Not to say that a film requires music to work: but a perfect album is filled with different tonalities, colours, emotions, rhythms, crescendos… Just like a perfect film should. It should make you move to a beat. Surprise you. Like this album surprised me.

A great short film should be in essence, a great pop song.

I should write that down.

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