Directed by Wes Anderson

The dashing, suit-wearing auteur himself, Wes Anderson, brings us into his world again, this time in the shape of a wonderful thriller-caper film. The film moves at a cracking pace, which is both a blessing and a curse at times, but it’s so richly dense with character and style. Who knew he could be so dark. I feel like it’s hard to rate his films: they’re all consistently amazing, but as an audience, you get lulled into certain expectations: and when those expectations are subverted, it has the possibly of negatively affecting the response of the film. I still have a greater personal attachment to Moonrise Kingdom, but that is not to say that Budapest isn’t incredible in it’s own right: it truly is.




  1. Self raised in a broken family Anderson reflects this life with the phases to his films. Based on childish arrangement its a look back to the time where things happend that affect his life. Every movie emphasize an emotion more then the others. Here it’s voilence moonrise was all about joy. aqui. life courage, …

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